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Caring for your HAIR by Loxy's Extensions

Using the right products on your extensions is vitally important.

Do not use hair care products with protein, amino acids or keratin in them, as this will damage the extensions. Most repairing/fortifying ranges have either protein or lactic acid which can be very damaging to extensions. PLEASE check the ingredients list on your products to be aware of what is in them.

Please note – it is your responsibility to read through the ingredients list of your products to ensure they’re suitable to use with the extensions and that they don’t contain protein or keratin. Damage caused to your extensions by professional or retail products containing this ingredients are not covered by our guarantee.

Chemical reactions causing discoloration:

In particular, over the warmer months you’ll most likely notice that your lighter extensions tend to throw a bit more warmth/gold than normal, or even a pinky/peachy colour. This can be extreme in cases where the hair has had a chemical reaction most often caused by perfume, tanning products and sunscreen. We also see it heavily in cases where clients have copper piping, or are on tank water. It’s also very common in clients who have been on holiday in warmer climates and washing their hair with different water.

In the case of your hair having discoloration (most likely a warm orangey/pink tone) caused by a chemical reaction, we suggest the use of a product called ‘Malibu C’ to cleanse the hair and remove the build up. This is something you can easily use at home and is a great go to product in the warmer months wherethese reactions are a lot more likely. Other reasons you may notice discolouration in your extensions:

  • UV rays - UV rays can cause discolouration to your hair extensions therefore we advise wearing a hat in the sun to reduce exposure to strong UV rays.
  • Iron - The iron content in the water varies depending on where you live. In certain areas, if you wash your hair extensions in the shower, the iron levels may cause your hair extensions to turn pink or or- ange in tone (more apparent in light blonde extensions) so if possible, try to use bottled or filtered water to avoid this.
  • Hard water - You may notice that your hair extensions turn dull, dry or the colour fades when you wash them. This is due to the water in certain areas being more alkaline (known as hard water). If this is becoming an issue, installing a filtered shower head may be an option to prevent discolouration from hard water.
  • Hot water - This can cause colour to fade. Due to the heat of the water, the cuticles will open and the colour with drain out of the hair shaft. To prevent this, we advise washing your hair extensions in luke- warm water.
  • Heat - Excessive heat from styling appliances will change the colour pigment of the hair. The maximum temperature that can be used on hair extensions is 180 degrees, excessive heat and hair exposed to heat appliances can cause extensions to discolour. This is more apparent in blonde hair, such damage cannot be repaired.

Other thing that can affect the extensions:

  • Chlorine can have unpredictable results on your extensions as the amounts of it vary in different pools. There have been known reactions with extensions and chlorine in the past so avoid soaking your hair in chlorinated pools.
  • Please don’t tone or bleach the hair (and be careful with how frequently you’re using purple/silver shampoo products). Please take extra good care of your hair due to it already having been processed to reach the colour it’s at.