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The HAIR by Loxy's Guarantee

HAIR by Loxy's guarantees that with the correct maintenance and care, our hair extension weft tops should last at least 3 months if not longer.

This guarantee is voided by treating the hair incorrectly. This includes the use of any products containing proteins, amino acids, sulphates or other ingredients that may increase the likelihood of the weft top failing. This guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear or any colour changes in the extensions.

We cannot guarantee how professional or retail product ranges used by your salon will interact with the extensions. This is due to the unknown effects of other product ingredients on the extension hair. If you choose to use another range of hair care it’s your responsibility to ensure they’re free of keratin/protein/repairing ingredients. Damage to the hair caused by any professional or retail products used by your salon is not covered by this guarantee.

As with any hair extensions and any hair extension technique, there is a chance of damage to your client’s natural hair while wearing HAIR by Loxy's extensions. We do not accept responsibility for any damage caused to your client’s hair while wearing our extensions.

It is your responsibility to thoroughly read through the care and maintenance instructions associated with HAIR by Loxy's extensions, and to pass this information on to your clients.

The HAIR by Loxy’s guarantee does not void your rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act (1993)