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No Shed Weft #1B - Deep Dark | 30 + 60g + 120g packs

Our no-shed weft is the ultimate game-changer in hair extensions! Get ready, you've got some seriously good hair days incoming.

Perfect for those that love the convenience of permanent hair extension methods such as the traditional weave and microweft methods. The no-shed weft has a flat and comfortable weft top, to avoid uncomfortable lumps and bumps at the scalp. 

Thick from top to ends, silky soft and long-wearing, our no-shed weft ticks all the boxes! The hair is also ethically sourced, and meets the highest standards at every touchpoint of the process it goes through to get to you. 

Oh, and why have we called it a no-shed weft? What sets these extensions apart is the unique minimal shed weft design. The weft top has been specifically designed to prevent excessive shedding when the extensions are cut and worn. Perfection!

HAIR by Loxy's no-shed weft is: 

20 inches long

- Available in 30g or 60g or 120g

- 100% human hair, that can be washed and styled just like your own hair!

- Unique no-shed weft top

- Available in 10 shades

- Can be coloured/toned darker, trimmed and styled

#1B - Deep Dark

A deep, cool brunette for dark hair that isn't quite black